It’s only been a little over a month since we published our roadmap, but it’s already time to do some serious reprioritization.

We assumed that Uniswap’s API would be capable of staying sober long enough to get the brunt of our planned features into production before committing to building an in-house data source. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Their API passes out at least once a day, making our intern look like an incompetent ass, and we can’t have that...

So, here’s roadmap MKII:

V.0.8.6 released October 25th, 2020:

Unlimited favorites & alerts now available in ALL tiers, including Free Tier!

Unicrypt URL’s fixed.

Button added to clear alerts.

V.0.8.7 coming October 30th, 2020:

The first AstroTools airdrop is complete…

You asked (many times), and we listened. Today we are introducing a new membership tier, and yes, you only need 250 ASTRO to qualify!

Rather than diluting our 1,000 ASTRO offering by cherry-picking features, we’ve decided to UPGRADE our 1,000 ASTRO offering with an enhanced version of the new-listings explorer, which offers significantly more data. 250 ASTRO holders will have access to the original new listings page, which shows the most recent listings.

To make this work, we’ve had to rename each of the tiers:

  • 8-bit is now 16-bit
  • 16-bit is now 32-bit
  • And the N64 has landed.

“Stop speaking…

Non-Fungible Tokens for Yes-Functional Features

It’s airdrop season. Some tokens make it big; some go to oblivion. Most require sitting in Telegram for 7 hours while you Alt-Tab between AstroTools and /biz/ before you can finally fill out Google Form 6 of 14. Well, no more of that painfully slow turtle-stomping-through-peanut-butter-level bullshit. We’re AstroTools — you know, space and stuff that’s cool, fast, and techy.

So we’re rewarding loyal AstroTools users with an NFT airdrop!

Get to the Drop Zone

All users who hold at least 1,000 ASTRO between Thursday, October 1st, 2020, 22:00 ET and Wednesday, October 21st, 2020…

Every part of our lives here at AstroTools is measured in bits. We aim to iterate quickly, by dressing up our lead dev in a Zelda costume and hiding him away in a dungeon behind a cardboard cut-out of Gannon. It seems to work; there have been no complaints. The strat has delivered a steady stream of small yet trendsetting features every few days, glittering our path to RC1 “Pac-Dude” with treasures. Every once in a while though, we free the princess and allow him to spend some time investing in $LINK. However this time, the reunion didn’t last long…


The AstroTools MVP landed ten days ago, providing DeFi traders with a new data dashboard that thousands of you have been using daily, demonstrating serious demand for a reliable data toolset and another excuse to tell your wife or girlfriend that you are busy working. Since launch, we’ve been churning through bug fixes and adding new features as we drive toward the launch of our beta, “Space Intruders”:

  • New Listings — The go-to list for new Uniswap listings, complete with indicators highlighting tokens created by contract generators, and live rug pull warnings to…

Hello, and welcome to AstroTools!

A DeFi dashboard that bridges the information gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges, giving you an analytic edge to supercharge your trading experience.

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions to help you get started:

Q: Why does the ASTRO token exist?
A: ASTRO is a membership token that users will need to hold to access the first production version of AstroTools (Release Candidate 1 — RC1).

Q: How many ASTRO tokens are required to access AstroTools?
A: We’ve decided to let the market calm down before confirming token holding requirements. …

Meet AstroTools, a DeFi dashboard that bridges the information gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges, giving you an analytical edge to supercharge your trading experience.

Why does AstroTools exist?

We couldn’t find an efficient way to evaluate and navigate between prospects, so we took it upon ourselves to build something new, taking inspiration from numerous existing solutions we all know and love.

Product Information

The product you see today is our MVP, with limited but useful functionality. We’re offering all users free access to the MVP for the first two weeks to allow our development team to hone the user…

Astrotools is a DeFi dashboard that bridges the information gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges.

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