From “Ping” to “Ass Kong”


The AstroTools MVP landed ten days ago, providing DeFi traders with a new data dashboard that thousands of you have been using daily, demonstrating serious demand for a reliable data toolset and another excuse to tell your wife or girlfriend that you are busy working. Since launch, we’ve been churning through bug fixes and adding new features as we drive toward the launch of our beta, “Space Intruders”:

  • New Listings — The go-to list for new Uniswap listings, complete with indicators highlighting tokens created by contract generators, and live rug pull warnings to keep you #SAFU
  • Token Explorer — Enter your desired `age`, `volume`, `TX count`, and `liquidity` criteria to show a list of matching pairs for further analysis.
  • Whale Alert — Astro’s first to market solution enabling filtering of TX’s below a user-selected threshold. Want to track all buy and sell orders over >$10k? Whale Alert has your back.
  • Dark Mode — When you no longer need to pretend to be doing work at the office with light mode, you can now save your eyes from bright screens while crushing bearish rebels in the galaxy.


Our roadmap starts with Ping,” before journeying through your local game store’s dollar bin, culminating at “Ass Kong”, a quantum leap for our killer app — adding fully integrated trading features to remove yet another tab from your browser.

Pre-launch MVP — Alpha “Ping”

Sep 2020 — Beta “Space Intruders”

Oct 2020 — RC1 “Pac Dude”

Nov 2020 — RC2 “Blocky Fits”

Q1 2021 — V1.0 “Jumping Plumber”

Q2 2021 — V1.1 “Star Coyote”

Q3 2021 — V1.2 “Speedy Hedgehog”

Q4 2021 — V2 “Ass Kong”

Remember, we’re building this app for you, so your feedback is crucial to our success. If you think we’re missing a feature, drop us a message via our request form here.

Membership Requirements

We wanted our AstroTools to be competitively priced and super accessible for traders at all levels, so we decided to wait for the market to cool down before setting membership requirements.

Ten days later, we’re excited to announce AstroTools membership passes:

All users will have free access to:

Real-time Pricing

Pair Explorer

Deep Historical Data Set

4 favorites and Alerts

Dark Mode

“Filthy Casuals” who require more than 4 favorites need to buy a 1 ASTRO upgrade pack. It’s the least they can do…

Next, we have our 16-bit “Hardcore” membership pass, which is where most of you ASTRO-nauts are likely to hang out, as it provides a suite of kick-ass features, yet only requires 1,000 ASTRO:

Complete Backward Compatibility with 8-bit +

Advanced Alerts

New Listings

Token Explorer

Whale Watcher

Wallet Import

For those of you who demand exclusivity, we have our 32-bit “Professional” tier, which is where some of our most unique features reside:

Complete Backward Compatibility with 16-bit +

Order Book Insights

Alternative Chains

Advanced Tracking

Integrated Trading

Expert Analytics

These are just the features we can share with you today. There’s a whole lot more still to come!

“Not a Noob” — Beta Pass

We didn’t feel comfortable charging for access to an MVP, and we don’t want to go from 0–100 mph too quickly, so to celebrate the launch of “Space Intruders”, we’ve decided to offer a Beta Pass that grants complete access to ALL features from all 3 tiers for the next 2 WEEKS.

Beta passes will be available as of Wednesday the 16th of September, requiring just 250 ASTRO tokens, which you can buy from Uniswap, here, and will ensure continued access to the tools you know and love over the coming 2 weeks. So get off your Farming Simulator 20 and graduate into a DeFi sharpshooter by letting AstroTools be your wall-hack-no-recoil-aim-bot gem-hunting analytical assistant.

Keep an eye on our social channels to hear the latest updates and find out where we go from here (insert obligatory “the moon” here).

Thank you for the continued support!

Astrotools is a DeFi dashboard that bridges the information gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges.