Get to the Drop Zone!

The first AstroTools airdrop is complete…

“BFG-9001” (limited to only 10 tokens) — these rare gorilla blasters will pew-pew over 9000 counter-traders and send them to their bearish deaths, as we inevitably move to our final “Ass Kong” version release in the future. In other words, these tokens will soon provide lifetime unlimited AstroTools access without monthly fees, ever, to anyone who possesses them!

BFG winning addresses are here.

“Pipe Cleaner” NFT’s (limited to only 50 tokens) — have been dropped to 50 randomly selected addresses who held 1,000 ASTRO between the 1st and 21st of October! Once activated, these tokens will grant unlimited access to our 32-bit membership tier without additional ASTRO tokens, plus no monthly fees for six months as we leap into the “Jumping Plumber” version release. After six months, holding this token will reduce any monthly fees by 50%!

Pipe Cleaner winning addresses are here.

“Noob Cannon” NFT’s (limited to only 1167 tokens) — have been dropped to early adopters, and qualifying Beta Pass participants. We still haven’t decided exactly what these powerups will do, but at some point, we’ll blow you away by revealing this mystery powerups final form!

If you want to have a poke around the full collection, check current holders, or see if any of these have made their way onto the market; the full collection can be viewed on Rarible, here.