Meet AstroTools, a DeFi dashboard that bridges the information gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges, giving you an analytical edge to supercharge your trading experience.

Why does AstroTools exist?

We couldn’t find an efficient way to evaluate and navigate between prospects, so we took it upon ourselves to build something new, taking inspiration from numerous existing solutions we all know and love.

Product Information

The product you see today is our MVP, with limited but useful functionality. We’re offering all users free access to the MVP for the first two weeks to allow our development team to hone the user experience and start implementing our roadmap of features, which we’ll publish in the coming days. After the trial period ends, users will need to hold ASTRO to gain access to premium features.

We believe that our product’s accessibility is vital to our long-term success, so we intend to let price discovery unfold before confirming token holding requirements for premium features. Doing so will enable us to set competitive pricing, allowing the maximum number of users to benefit from our tools.


ASTRO tokenomics
ASTRO tokenomics

The AstroTools pre and private sales concluded yesterday, September 2nd, raising 75 ETH in preparation for the public Uniswap listing, which commenced a little after 8pm CET today, September 3rd. Tokens were listed at the same price as both earlier sales (0.00005 ETH). Since then, 75 ETH and 1,500,000.00 ASTRO tokens have been locked for 12 months via Unicrypt to provide users and token holders assurance that we’re in this for the long haul.

As promised, team tokens will also be locked for six months, which will happen very soon.

Next Steps

The ASTRO token is currently live, and our MVP is already available, so now the real work starts! We have an ambitious roadmap ahead of us, which we’ll share with the community in due course. Our development team is currently working on adding a few features that didn’t make it into the pre-launch MVP, like a search function that doesn’t require trading pair info and an improved layout for mobile users.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team is hard at work spinning up our social channels, welcoming community members to our Discord and Telegram channels, and working through applications for Etherscan, CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio, and Delta. Our CoinGecko page, however, is already live.

AstroTools V1

We started by building this app for ourselves, but now we’re building it for you, the ASTRO community, so we need your feedback to help us achieve our mission of providing analytical tools to supercharge your trading experience.

V1 is planned for launch later this month, and will require users to hold ASTRO to access all premium features. We’re planning significant upgrades for this first production release, including a completely redesigned user interface and a unique alert function that we’re very excited to share.

In the meantime, we want your feedback, suggestions, and concerns. The team is here, and we’re ready to help.

Keep an eye on our social channels to learn about each of the new features launching in V1.

Thank you for your confidence and support!

Astrotools is a DeFi dashboard that bridges the information gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges.