Welcome back to us…Master.

You asked (many times), and we listened. Today we are introducing a new membership tier, and yes, you only need 250 ASTRO to qualify!

Rather than diluting our 1,000 ASTRO offering by cherry-picking features, we’ve decided to UPGRADE our 1,000 ASTRO offering with an enhanced version of the new-listings explorer, which offers significantly more data. 250 ASTRO holders will have access to the original new listings page, which shows the most recent listings.

To make this work, we’ve had to rename each of the tiers:

  • 8-bit is now 16-bit
  • 16-bit is now 32-bit
  • And the N64 has landed.

“Stop speaking in tongues, human, you’re confusing me!”

We’ve juggled things around a bit; here are our new membership tiers:

“I hold 250 ASTRO; when will I get access to the new-listings explorer?”

Our intern is already hard at work. We expect him to deliver by Thursday 8th October at 6 pm ET. If he fails, we’ll withhold his ramen for the rest of the month.

“I’m holding 1,000 ASTRO; when will I get access to ALL previous listings?”

We’re starting with one week’s worth of data, but we’ll be backfilling over the coming days. We expect this process to take around a week, but we’ll keep you posted. As above, the changes will be available by 6 pm ET on Thursday, 8th October.

“RC1 “Pac Dude” is just around the corner, so what can we expect next?”

  • Performance improvements & bug fixes
  • Improved mobile support
  • Mobile wallet support via WalletConnect
  • Advanced alert functionality including wallet tracker alerts, volume alerts, and whale trades
  • Expanded coin data including the number of holders, distribution of tokens, and a copyable contract addresses to save reliance on Etherscan
  • USDC/T trading pairs

In the meantime, keep the feedback coming! We’re working hard to deliver a kickass product, but we won’t always get things right the first time, so we need you guys, the ASTRO community, to help keep us on the right track.


Astrotools is a DeFi dashboard that bridges the information gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges.